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    At Allocare we have skilled practitioners who precisely evaluate and treat disorders of the human body by using physical means. Our team consults and works closely with the patient’s physician in establishing the treatment objectives that are realistic and consistent with the patient’s needs. Allocare team plans organize and direct programs for patients of all ages who are disabled by illness by accident or were born with a physical challenge. Allocare Physiotherapy department has a treatment room which have 8 beds including 2 traction beds, all these beds can be used for treating patients mainly as an out-patient clinic.
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    Are you facing sudden passage of urine while coughing?" Don't worry , Don't hesitate" Allocare physiotherapy is helping you to solve your problem. Having urine leak while you are coughing is a medical condition known as stress urinary incontinence. Causes of stress incontinence: Stress incontinence happens when pelvic muscles and tissues that support the bladder and control the urinary sphincter weaken. When this happens, the muscles will be unable to support the bladder and urinary sphincter properly, and urine will leak out.The muscles that support the bladder are known as pelvic floor muscles. The most common causes of damage to pelvic floor muscles in women are pregnancy and childbirth. Activities which cause pressure on bladder : coughing, sneezing, laughing, bending, lifting, jumping, vomiting, standing up. Risk factors: smoking, low back pain, chronic constipation, pelvic surgery, multiple pregnancies, pelvic organ prolapse, obesity. Treatment: Physical therapy: pelvic floor therapy or Kegel exercises as a way to strengthen weakened pelvic muscles. People can do these exercises independently. Kegel exercise, an individual should engage and hold the muscles that help to hold the release of urine. They should repeat the exercise as often as possible. Behavioral modification therapy: Behavioral modification technique is bladder training. This technique involves setting frequent intervals of time for urinating. Devices: Pessery ring is inserted inside vagina that give support to bladder. Contact us: http://allocarephysiotherapy.com/ . We provide home care physiotherapy services.
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