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    Allocare Physiotherapy WEIGHTLIFTERS SHOULDER The acromio-clavicular joint (AC joint) is a joint at the top of the shoulder. It is a junction between the acromian process of the scapula and the lateral end of the clavicle. Chronic acromioclavicular joint pain may occur as a result of repeated minor injuries to the AC joint, which can damage the fibrocartilaginous maniscus situated within the AC joint. Another common cause of AC joint pain, is due to osteolysis (bone break down) of the outer end of the clavicle. AC joint osteolysis is very common in weightlifters performing high repetation/ weight of bench presses. Grade 1 injury corrosponds to sprain of the capsule of joint with tendernes and pain on movement, especially horizontal flexion. Grade 2 a complete tear of the AC ligamnets wit additional sprain of the coracoclavicular ligaments, with also localised tenderness and a palpable step deformity. Grade 3 & 4 a complete tear of the coracoclavicular ligamnets. Grade 5 & 6 can be distinguish by the amount of the dispalcement of the clavicle. Osteoarthritis os acromioclavicular joint may occur as a result of recurrent injuries. for those with AC joint pain will be worse when trying to move the arm overhead as seen in the painful arc image. Immediate treatment includes RICE Sling to immobilise. certain moments should be avoided bench press, push ups, dips. AC joint taping should be applied to support and correct positioning to assist with healing .As pain allows stretches , isometrics and dynamic shoulder excercise should be commenced.